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About Good Charma

Good Charma is a unique line of jewelry that evokes a spiritual and cool essence, while emphasizing the power of “paying it forward,” a concept that I have great belief in. Good Charma was born out of a desire to create something that would make the person wearing it feel empowered; that what they were wearing would bring them luck, confidence or peace.

I have always been sensitive to that special thing that happens when you give someone a gift. Not only does my gesture make that person feel good, it makes me feel good. I have given a piece of my energy to that person and that energy will continue giving.

The classic sets feature a charm on each strand for a reason. In the spirit of “paying it forward,” I wanted it to be easy for the person wearing the set to pass along a token of luck or love to a friend, a family member, even a stranger! Anyone they felt was in need of positive energy. I can’t tell you the joy I feel slipping a strand or two off my wrist and giving it to someone who I felt needed a little support in their life. I have heard countless stories of other women doing the same... sharing their Good Charma, spreading the love and inspiring others to do the same.

I believe that is the beauty of Good Charma. For the wearer, our jewelry becomes a talisman for a person for whatever they need, in that moment, in their life, whether it be love, protection, strength or balance.

What you give, you get back, twofold. I think we are all in search of that magic!



Pamela Fink

Designer & Creator of Good Charma