I love my Good Charma jewelry, FRIENDSHIP bracelet! I got my first bracelet from my sister and we have the same and it has become our sister bracelet, "single soul dwelling in two bodies". Good Charma is very special to me and represents all of the things I stand for, and love. "Bringing good fortune to those who wear it", I truly believe in karma and the Good Charma jewelry helps me connect with my inner spirit.

Lisa, Sweden

I LOVE this Jewelry! I have two bracelets and I wear them all the time. Earlier this month, I called the company and actually spoke to Pam Fink. She is truly delightful and I appreciated her taking to time to speak with me to personally discuss my custom bracelet. A true rarity in this day and age! I feel empowered when I wear each of my bracelets. Because I am a Taoist the charms, I have on each bracelet hold true significance to me. I often receive many compliments when I wear my bracelet due to its originality. Pam Fink is an artisan, who has a depth of humanity and her jewelry illustrates these attributes.

Frazier, Florida

I love the fact that Good Charma bracelets are beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry that can be worn in a bunch or on their own. I also love how each piece has a different feeling to it and means something special to the person wearing it. I just received two Good Charma bracelets for my 20th birthday. I got one bracelet from each set of grandparents, and each bracelet has the heart charms on it. I know my grandparents will not be around forever and the bracelets act as a physical reminder of their love everyday, no matter where I am or where they are. The bracelets make me feel loved and remind me that there is always someone out there who loves me.

Katherine, Ontario

Well to say I love Good Charma Bracelets would be an understatement. Good Charma Bracelets found their way into my life rather serendipitously while looking up something about Karma on Google. A happy coincidence to be sure! I’m an artist who loves color (the beads), a writer who loves stories (the charms) and a woman who loves jewelry (the metals, gold, silver and bronze); Good Charma combines all of these to tell a story with each bracelet. When I wear Good Charma bracelets, and I’m always wearing them, it represents to me that the most important thing is to be kind to one another. So when I look at the bracelets I’m wearing throughout the day, I think of this.

Cherie, Michigan

Love your things and love how wonderful you guys have been to me. Thank you so much for listening, for helping and for making me feel better. You’ve won a customer forever.

Jeanette, California

Last November, after many months of undiagnosed intestinal discomfort, my 20-year old son was seen in the Emergency Room of our local hospital and ended up being admitted for the week just prior to Thanksgiving. This handsome, happy college student and musician, was weak and anemic, had dropped 25+ pounds in just a few weeks, and was in a very fragile condition. I spent that week at his side while he underwent a series of invasive procedures which led to his eventual diagnosis of severe Crohn's Disease. This is a lifelong condition which could, at any time, interfere with his daily life, causing him pain, discomfort, and embarrassment, or escalate into a devastating situation requiring extreme surgeries and horrific outcomes. During that week, I happened to discover your website and was enchanted by your Tassel Ball Bracelet. I ordered it online for myself as I sat by his bedside, worried about his current and future health, both emotionally and physically. Bringing focus and balanced energy to me during that time certainly couldn't hurt. When that bracelet arrived I wore it every single day for many, many months. Having it on my wrist kept him with me every minute of every day -- even after his condition stabilized and he returned to a more typical college kid existence. Young men don't want their mothers fretting over them. Wearing that bracelet and feeling its silky silver strands helped calm my urge to smother him. So, thanks for your lovely piece of jewelry, and know that it became a talisman for me during a most difficult time in my life.

Beth, New York

You guys take customer service to a whole other level. It is refreshing to see a business that wants to go above and beyond for their customers. You guys are the best, I look forward to shopping your products for life.

Sabrina, Ontario