What materials are used to make Good Charma?

Our handcrafted jewelry, including charms, beads, necklaces and findings, are made from the finest 925 sterling silver. The majority of our charms, small and large, are solid sterling pieces, each one cast and polished in small batches to maintain the highest of quality. 

Our gold jewelry is 22k gold vermeil over sterling silver. We can custom gold plate almost any of our jewelry in gold per your request.  Additional fees and processing time will apply.  Contact us via email or phone us at (413) 528-9455 to custom order.

The gemstones and semi-precious stones we use in our jewelry are hand selected in small batches to guarantee the finest quality.

Why are your signature bracelets strung on elastic?

From the beginning, our signature Good Charma bracelet strands have been strung on the finest and strongest elastic available. Designer Pamela Fink chose this construction  for the ease in which the bracelets slip on your wrist and the comfort it provides.  No slipping off and no clasps to manage by yourself! Each bracelet is tested to make sure there are no defects in their construction and our loyal customers will wear there beloved bracelets for years without need of repair.  

What is the best way to clean my Good Charma?

A traditional silver polishing cloth will remove tarnish from our sterling silver jewelry. The 22k gold vermeil cannot be polished due to the plated gold finish, but may be washed with mild soap and dried with a soft cloth.

What is the best way to care for my Good Charma?

We recommend removing your Good Charma when washing dishes, bathing and using a pool or hot tub. 

What is the best way to clean wish 4 peace scarves?

Wish 4 peace scarves are 100% silk and should be treated as a delicate hand wash item. A mild detergent for delicate fabrics should be used to wash the scarf by hand in tepid water. Lie flat or hang to air dry.

How can I tell if my Good Charma is authentic?

Good Charma jewelry is handcrafted in Indonesia and the United States using the finest materials.  Our authentic jewelry can be identified with our signature, trademarked GC round tag (our classic 6 and 3 sets will only have one tag on one of the strands).

Authentic Good Charma bracelet strands and charms will feel heavy and substantial in your hand as we use the best quality materials and the majority of our charms are solid sterling silver.  Our elastic bracelets will feel tight and non-flimsy because we source the best quality and strongest elastic available.

How can I get my Good Charma repaired?

We do repairs for Good Charma pieces only. Click here to fill out and submit a repair form.