NEW! Man Charma by Good Charma

We are so excited to announce the launch of our collection of Good Charma bracelets for men.  It’s something that we have been talking about for awhile… creating simple and meaningful styles for fashion savvy guys.  And we’ve done it!

We’ve started the collection small, drawing inspiration from some of our favorite gemstones as well as our signature medium and super ball sterling silver bracelets (sans the charm).

Two of our styles are strung on black onyx, which, for us was a no brainer.  We have always been drawn to the powerful energy of this gemstone, as well as it’s dark as the darkest night color.  Black onyx is well known for it’s protective powers and it’s said that the deep black color absorbs negative energy, clearing the path for a state of emotional well being.

The third style is strung on hematite, one of our best selling gemstones.  Hematite is known for it’s grounding and stabilizing properties and is an excellent stone for centering the mind, body and soul.  The metallic hazy color is cooling and calming.


Men’s 8mm Matte Onyx Bracelet


Men’s 10mm Matte Onyx Bracelet


Men’s 6mm Matte Hematite Bracelet


Each style is accented with a single sterling silver ball, reminiscent of the charms that adorn our signature styles.

While these bracelets were originally created for men, we quickly realized the ladies that make up our small Good Charma team REALLY liked them!  Each bracelet is available in 8″ length as well as 7″ length, to fit a smaller wrist! (who said MAN CHARMA was just for men!)



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Post written by Julie Webster

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