In honor of the hope and revitalization that the spring season brings as well as Mother’s Day, we have created a collection of pastel hued gemstone single bracelets, adorned with charms with strong properties of love, hope and prosperity.

In selecting our gemstones, we drew inspiration from the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year (colors actually!), rose quartz and serenity.  Rose quartz is a powerful gemstone of unconditional love.  It inspires trust and harmony in relationships and opens the heart to the power of love and the ability to be loved.  The color serenity inspired us to feature the calming and uplifting gemstone, blue lace agate.  It’s properties foster peace and encourage harmony and supportive relationships.

Complimenting the beauty of rose quartz and blue lace agate, we added yellow jade and amazonite, both favorites of ours.  Yellow jade is an energetic and joyful stone, bursting with Divine energy.  It’s delicate yellow color inspires us to stop the bustle of our daily lives and take moment to (yes) smell the roses.

The light green mist colored Amazonite, with it’s powerful calming energy, is said to enhance intuition and trust.  The wearer of this lovely stone will feel a balanced sense of calm and hope.


As always, the charms featured in this collection, are full of meaning.

Angel – love, luck and protection
Asian Coin – prosperity, abundance and good luck
Hamsa – protection, hope and happiness
Heart – harmony, love and beauty
Tree of Life – creativity, spiritual growth and wisdom

Celebrate spring and give your mother, daughter, sister, favorite aunt a beautiful and meaning Mother’s Day gift!  Shop the collection >>> 

Post written by Julie Webster

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